Jade Danielle (jadedanielle) wrote in ladamo_icontest,
Jade Danielle

Well...my pathetic pleas for people to get into gear and submit didn't seem to do anything, although we did get one more Lauren entry [THANKS <3] which means we only have 2 Adamo and 4 Lauren. Thusly...challenge two is extended for another week. =[


Is the challenge not any good this week or something? The lyrics aren't hard to icon from, really...and you can use any pictures you want...so I don't understand why hardly anyone would enter. Come on, an icontest is no fun if no one enters =x *Wants the community to stay alive*

And, the guilt trip is over. Just go enter. 'Cause you love Riley and me. =]

...Oh, and Adamo & Lauren, too, of course. >.>

-Jade D.
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