Jade Danielle (jadedanielle) wrote in ladamo_icontest,
Jade Danielle

Challenge #3
[♥]Follow ALL of the general rules found in the userinfo.
[♥]Only one icon per person, per challenge. This means only ONE Adamo icon and ONE Lauren icon. Remember, you DON'T have to enter both!
[♥]Don't forget to post the URL for the icon! ;]

This week's theme is...well, I'm too unimaginative to come up with a spiffy catchy little name for it, so let me just explain what it is. ;P Basically, use ANY picture of Marco and/or Paige playing in a band. For EXAMPLE, you could submit an icon of Paige playing in Hell Hath No Fury and an icon of Marco playing in Downtown Sasquatch. Just as long as the photo you use is of them playing/singing in a band. This includes any promo pics that include the character with their musical instrument [in other words, yes, THIS photo would be allowed]. =} You CAN use more than one pic in your icon, as long as all of the photos you use fit into the theme AND all of the photos in the icon are of the same character [in other words, don't mix a totally random picture of Craig playing guitar into your Marco icon]. Remember, as usual, only ONE Lauren["Paige"] icon and ONE Adamo["Marco"] icon. Have fun you guys...this challenge ends next Friday, February 3rd!

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Vote for ADAMO Challenge #2
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