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Lauren & Adamo Icon Challenge

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Welcome to the "Charmed, Naturally", the Lauren Collins & Adamo Ruggiero icon challenge!
This community is a collaboration between Adamo-Ruggiero.Net and Lauren-Collins.Net, fansites for the actor and actress.

[♥]The  Info[♥]

This community is NOT a 'shipper community, although there is a chance we could run a Marco/Paige challenge at some point. The point of this community is to have a fun thing for the visitors of our sites to do, without having to have seperate [and possibly competing] communities. Each week there will be one challenge focusing on Adamo, and one focusing on Lauren. You won't have to enter both...just whichever ones you feel like participating in. After the submission period, people can vote for their favorites for each challenge. At the end of the week, BOTH of the two challenges will have a 1st place, 2nd place, and a Mod's choice. Mod's choice of the Adamo challenge will be chosen by myself, jadedanielle, and Mod's choice of the Lauren challenge will be decided by justjumpit__.

[♥]The  Rules[♥]

♥Be sure to follow the rules provided in the challenge post.
♥Icons must fit LJ standards: 100x100, 40kb or less, and gif, jpg, or pngs only.
No animation! Still icons only, unless otherwise specified.
♥Only ONE icon per challenge, unless otherwise stated. This means only two icons per week [there are two challenges each week].
♥Submit all entries in a comment to the challenge post.
♥Do not post or use your icon anywhere until voting is over. Obviously, this means this must be something new you've made. =]
♥Do NOT vote for your own icon, or recruit others to vote for you!


Submit all entries via comment to the challenge post, in the following format:



Friday: A new challenge begins [example02], and voting begins for the previous challenge [example01]
Monday: Voting ends for the previous challenge [example01], and winners are announced
Friday: Entries are accepted until around midnight CST [for example02]. Cycle begins again.
It sounds confusing, but it gives people more time for submitting...a full week. Basically, submitting for a new challenge is going on at the same time as voting for a previous one. =]


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